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Joud Domestic Appliances Company (JDA) announces the launch of Vestel products of white goods and brown goods in the Syrian market. The agreement with the Turkish company Vestel came into place as a result of Syrian-Turkish Free Trade Agreement which was effective on the 1st January 2007.

Vestel is a company of the Zorlu Holding Group. The group consists of many companies: Vestel manufacturing electronics and white goods, TAC manufacturing furniture textile and curtains textile. In addition to companies in the oil and energy sector, helicopter rental, satellite communications and Internet provider, banks and investment services, and tourism.

Vestel owns the largest TV manufacturing plant in Europe and 3rd largest in the world with a productivity exceeding 15 million televisions annually. As for the industrial city of Vestel, better known as Vestel City, it is located in the city of Manisa, near Izmir in Turkey. It spans over 550,000 square meters abs employs around 12,000 workers and engineers. Vestel City is greatly automated and contains the latest and most advanced industrial equipments known in the world.

As a proof of the technological excellence and quality that Vestel products enjoy, Vestel manufacture OEM televisions to some of the world leading brands such as Panasonic, LG, Sharp, JVC, Toshiba, Hitachi and Sanyo. With a large product range and many OEM clients, Vestel is considered Turkey’s number one exporter with clients in over 108 countries. According to the ISO (International Standard Organization), Vestel televisions have 30% of the European TV market and 5% of the world’s TV market.

Vestel televisions with the three types of LCD, Plasma, and CRT contain the latest technologies including HDTV (High Definitions), wireless Home Theater Speaker System, slim CRT tube and much more. In addition, Vestel has 11 Research & Development centers employing 600 engineering and researches in Turkey, USA, UK, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Some of these R&D centers are currently working on a new TV chip intended for LCD and Plasma TVs, contains advanced techniques that significantly improve the picture quality, its colors, sharpness and contrast, resulting in a more realistic and vivid colors with smooth animation and crystal clear picture quality for the ultimate TV experience. This upcoming image processor, due in the market end of 2007, promises a more advanced TV quality than all other world-renowned televisions available in the markets today.

In addition, Vestel produces high quality air conditioners with anti-bacterial features and duper tropical compressors. It also has the only factory in Europe to produce laptop computers. Moreover, Vestel produces DVD players and recorders, satellite receivers with built-in hard drivers (PVR) with dual satellite tuner which allows for recording one channel while watching another, this PVR also allows the user to pause live TV broadcast and later continue where they left off.

For more information about VESTEL products, please visit the main company website:


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