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Pratique 60x60

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W*H*D: 60*80*60 cm

Model: Range with Oven (Cookers)

Available Colors:

  • WhiteWhite
  • BlackBlack

- Rear chimney directing steam to the top hood, prevents steam overflow when opening the oven’s door and keeps kitchen’s wall clean.
- Simultaneous oven cooking and grilling with the door closed.
- Oven Inner lighting
- Motorized turnspit for roasting poultry.(optional)
- Body made of white porcelain enameling coated steel for longer durability and rust protection.
- Lower compartment helps keep dishes warm
- Unique Italian rounded shape design
- Top cover made with tempered glass with thermo-resistant plastic handle.
- Automatic Ignition (Catenaria) for burners, works simply by turning the knobs without any need for a special ignition button.
- Flame failure safety device in oven prevents accidental gas leakage.
- Efficient gas and electricity consumption thanks to:

  • o Low emission (Low E) double glassed door

  • o Woolen glass insulation which reduces thermal transmission to the exterior body of the cooker.

- WOK Burner of 3.5 Kw capacity.

\"\"- Dimensions:
Height (Close Cover) with/without legs: 80/84 cm
Height (Open Cover) with/without legs: 143/147 cm
Width: 60 cm
Depth: 60 cm

- Features:
Oven Flame failure Safety
Tempered Glass Top Cover
Solid and appealing top cover plastic handle
Time alarm: Optional
Motorized Turnspit: Optional
Automatic Ignition: Optional
Inner Lighting
Closed Door Grill
Closed Door Simultaneous Cooking & Grilling
WOK Burner 3.5 Kw
Tempered Internal Gla

- Gas and Electricity Efficient:
Double Glassed Door
Woolen Glass Insulation

- Available Cooking Tops:
3 + 1 turbo
3 + 1 electric

Package Height: 88 cm
Package Width: 75 cm
Package Depth: 65 cm
40\" Container Load: 102
Package Weight: 55 kg

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