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International 90 Cylinder Compartment

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Hi Life

W*H*D: 90*81*60 cm
Model: Range with Oven (Cookers)

Available Colors:

  • WhiteWhite
  • BlackBlack
  • Stainless SteelStainless Steel

- Rear chimney directing steam to the top hood, prevents steam overflow when opening the oven’s door and keeps kitchen’s wall clean.
- Oven Inner lighting
- Motorized turnspit for roasting poultry.
- Body made of pristine Stainless Steel for longer durability and rust protection.
- Available with Cast Iron top grids (90*60)
- Lower compartment helps keep dishes warm
- Unique Italian rounded shape design
- Top cover made with tempered glass with thermo-resistant plastic handle.
- Automatic Ignition (Catenaria) for burners, works simply by turning the knobs without any need for a special ignition button.
- Flame failure safety device in burners and oven prevents accidental gas leakage.
- Efficient gas and electricity consumption thanks to:

  • o Low emission (Low E) double glassed door

  • o Woolen glass insulation which reduces thermal transmission to the exterior body of the cooker.

- WOK Burner of 3.5 Kw capacity.
- Thermostat to control the heat temperature of the oven.

\"\"- Dimensions:
Height (Close Cover) with/without legs: 81/85 cm
Height (Open Cover) with/without legs: 144/148 cm
Width: 90 cm
Depth: 60 cm

- Features:
Burners Flame Failure Safety: Optional
Oven Flame failure Safety
Tempered Glass Top Cover
Solid and appealing top cover plastic handle
Time alarm
Motorized Turnspit
Automatic Ignition
Inner Lighting
Adjustable Thermostat
Closed Door Grill
Cast Iron Top Grid: Optional
WOK Burner 3.5 Kw
Tempered Internal Glass

- Gas and Electricity Efficient:
Low Emission Inner Glass
Double Glassed Door
Woolen Glass Insulation

- Available Cooking Tops:
4 + 1 turbo
5 + 1 turbo
3 + 1 turbo + 1 electric
4 + 2 electric

Package Height: 88 cm
Package Width: 96 cm
Package Depth: 75 cm
40\" Container Load: 72
Package Weight: 73 kg

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